• Born in 1980 in Iași. He graduated in 2004 the Faculty of Dentistry, UMF Grigore T. Popa of Iași
  • Starting September 2004 he was practicing dentistry in several dental clinics in Iași
  • He is specialized in endodontics, endodontic treatment assisted by microscope, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dental prosthetics
  • Since 2015 he is key opinion leader of 3M Romania and he teaches on regular basis practical courses of layering techniques of direct restoration with composite resins
  • It also lectures and leads courses, hands-on sessions and workshops on indirect restorations and endodontic treatment within scientific events in Romania

Education and training:

  • 2012–2015 specialization in endodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry UMF Gr.T.Popa, Iași
  • 2009 Specialization in implantology at The Faculty of Dentistry UMF Gr.T. Popa, Iași
  • 2016 Style Italiano specialization in direct restoration with composite resins
  • 2012 – 2018 graduates various professional development courses in indirect aesthetic restorations, endodontics, dental photography, management and public speaking