• Private practice in Raubling (Germany) with focus on endodontics and CBCT diagnostics
  • Certified endodontic specialist
  • Since 2013 he serves as a visiting professor at the Department for Operative Dentistry, Periodontology and Endodontology at the Danube Private University in Krems (Austria) and lectures undergraduate endodontics
  • Since 2020 he is leading a course to obtain the German CBCT qualification for dentists
  • PD Dr. Tchorz published several articles in international peer-reviewed journals (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=tchorz+jp)

Lecture Topics 

  • General endodontic topics
  • Retreatments
  • Imaging (10, CBCT)
  • CBCT in endodontics 
  • guided endodontics

Product Expertise  



Reciproc Blue  


EDDY Irrigation family (tip and cannula)  

VDW.l Seal  

Warm Vertical Obturation  

Endodontic Motors  


CBCT (Orthophos SL), 10 (Xios XG Supreme), Sidexis  

Personal Preference  

CBCT treatment planning and 80% Reciproc blue (primary treatments and retreaments), 10% Reciproc during retreatmets, 10% Rotate in extreme narrow canals  

Language – English, German